Obama’s First Major Win

In Economics, Politics on December 27, 2009 at 18:33

It was the perfect Christmas gift for President Obama. On Thursday the 24th, the Senate passed the healthcare bill with 60-39 votes and marked the near-materialisation of Obama’s biggest domestic policy-challenge. The only thing that’s left is to merge the two bills of the House of Representatives and the Senate and receive similar approval.

The bill will apply from 2014 and will cost over $871 billion over the next decade, with Democrats claiming it will actually reduce the budget deficit by $130 billion during the same period. It includes the toughest measures that render medical insurance mandatory and forbids insurance-discimination at the expense of citizens with unfavourable medical record. The bills also aims at covering the 31 uninsured Americans and subsidise the low-income levels.

Although public option was deducted, Obama claims that the bill passed represents 95 percent of his initially planned one. Nevertheless, additional parts or amendments may take place in the future, does the bill prove to be popular.

Republicans may be politically-naturaly denouncing the bill but it is clearly to their detriment, as they try to reclaim their identity and regain public’s trust and favour. Obama exhibited persistence, commitment, passion , vision, and above all, the ability to deliver. He deserves full credit for such an epic achievement of unprecedented magnitude in the highly-sensitive sector of healthcare. May the plummets retreat..

by the Self-Seeker


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