Obama “Clinches” Healthcare Reform

In Politics on October 17, 2009 at 12:05

obama 1On Tuesday, Obama’s plan for healthcare reform overcame a major hurdle as his proposal was accepted from the Senate Finance Committee after the support it had from an influential Republican, Olympia Snowe, who warned however, she may be objecting future amendments.

Obama’s healthcare plan is set to offer insurance to the 47 million uninsured Americans. The public option healthcare plan that Obama proposes is also expected to cut healthcare expenditures,boost competition further and improve the quality of medical coverage across the country. Except some small and medium enterprises, health insurance will be mandatory or penalty will be charged.

Obama has been facing strict oppositions both from Republicans and some Democrats considering a potential upsurge in public spending and deterioration of budget deficit. What is more, insurance companies are increasingly feeling the plan is getting closer into becoming a reality, and have already engaged in policies to mobilise the public against it arguing the reform would lead to much higher premiums for the insurer.

The healthcare reform is indeed moving forward, but Obama has to hold tight. No one said this would be easy, especially if one considers the sensitivity of the healthcare sector and the size of the reform we are discussing. When history calls, history calls..

by the Self-Seeker

  1. free healthcare to all american citizens!!!

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