Man Utd Disappoint as Barca Claim the Title!

In Sports on May 27, 2009 at 20:47

Eto'oAll hail Barca, the 2009 European Champions. Barcelona beat (comfortably!) the Red Devils with 2-0. Eto’o gave the opener while Messi sealed the title with a sweet header after a fantastic cross by Xavi.

Man Utd were never allowed to play their own game as Barca fully dominated the field with quick and accurate passing game, disorienting Sir Alex Ferguson’s team. With Ronaldo and Rooney out of their waters, United had no guns to fire and never posed a real threat to Victor Valdes.

Barcelona are the deserved Europeans Champions. They have been playing tremendous football in all competitions without any major slumps in their performance offering a hell of a spectacle most of the times. Lots of credits to Pep Guardiola, a man who won the treble on his first year as a manager of team playing in high level.

I think that Man Utd’s real weakness was its midfield something that Sir Alex should ponder on. May be Ribery or someone else could add some pace and imagination to United’s game next season.

  1. I believe that Guardiola should focus on playing Football Manager. He got a team that was ready and just allowed them to play football.

  2. Go sleep with a goat at manchester Bob

  3. that was a really thrilling game; barca’s coordination was unmatched by any of the manchester players!

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