Button is the Undoubted Favourite!

In Sports on May 10, 2009 at 17:39

Brawn 1-2Jenson Button with his cars is simply unstoppable. The Brawn GP driver won the Barcelona GP – first GP in Europe this season – and reached four wins in five races! Team-mate Rubens Barrichello finished second followed by Red Bull’s Mark Webber, with Sebastian Vettel coming forth.

The Ferraris and McLarens dissapointed their fans once again failing to put up a confident performance. F1 Champion, Lewis Hamilton, finished 9th, just outside the points, while Felipe Massa ended the race on 6th after a fuel-saving strategy on the last laps.

It just doesn’t seem possible now that Ferrari and McLaren can do something to get back on the game. Brawn and Red Bull have both found a momentum that has ‘fortified’ them on the top places.

Lewis Hamilton said after the race: “what can I say, what can I do, I drove my heart out as I always do and that car is just not good – I just had no grip,” [..]For sure at the moment, I don’t have a car to win the championship. [..]Everyone is wondering what’s going on, but the car is that bad. I am driving the socks off it but… There’s just no hope.” (!!!)

Next GP stop in the popular Monaco on May 24.

  1. Jenson Button is one lucky dude. Not only a good driver but he’s dating the hot Japanese lingerie model Jessica Michibata. She’s so hawt! Nice exotic looks.

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