Barca Move to the Final After a Game-Drama

In Sports on May 6, 2009 at 23:09

iniesta-barcaChelsea had the ticket to Rome until the last minute but Iniesta hadn’t said his last word. It was the last five minutes when Barca, although with ten on the field due to Abidal’s red card, were exerting tremendous pressure on Chelsea’s defence. It was until the 92nd minute when Iniesta fired the shot beating the excellent Petr Cech.

Although I am a Chelsea fan, I still feel the need to say that (objectively) speaking, the referee did affect the result and hence the who goes to Rome outcome. There were plenty of controversial decisions, including Abidal’s red card, but it’s quite obvious here that on the 2nd leg Chelsea got ripped off..

What I am glad for we are going to enjoy CL final between the two best teams of the season, two teams who enjoy playing attacking and aggressive football. Let’s hope at least the the referee will not interfere on the final’s outcome as much as he did on this one.

Here are the game’s highlights..

  1. Given the intensity of the game, it is fair for Chelsea fans to leave disappointed. On the other hand, pentalty decisions are awarded on intentional fouls or serious challenges. While one or two penalties could have been awarded by some referees, they were in no mean deliberate malicious tackles. Furthermore, Drogba’s antics are not acceptable at a professional standard and it is more a case of him not deserving anything. Perhaps he should have capitalised more on his chances as hiddink said rather than falling at every opportunity. Decisions went both ways as Abidal did not deserve a Red Card for Anelka clearly diving. Such unsporting behavior, in addition to Ballack’s chasing the referee gives a reflection as to the arrogance and lack of behavior of Chelsea players, even with emotions running high. In the end, while Hiddink is bitterly disappointed about losing (and he does have a real claim), the technically better team went to the final. I hope Chelsea learn from their serious flaws.

  2. Well, thats the thing, Chelsea had no flaws in these two legs and on a net basis were ripped off by the ref who had at least two cases of penalties right in front of him. Obviously Barca are a better team, but Chelsea were better prepared and positioned and according to their efforts and play-game they were the ones deserving to go to the final. As far as their protests go, I found them perfectly normal considering the outcome and the occasion as well as the timing of the goal.. That’s football though and I embrace the result..

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