Button Makes a Hat-Trick!

In Sports on April 26, 2009 at 15:26

BAHRAIN AUTO RACING F1 GPJenson Button stormed to victory today in what can be regarded as a masterpiece of tactics by team manager Ross Brawn. In a race that proved difficult for overtaking, Jenson Button made the most of an empty track after pitting later than the opposition and pulling away while Trulli, struggling in his second stint due to tyre issues, held up the opposition. He eventually finished third, leaving Toyota disappointed as both their cars were leading initially and both Trulli and Glock posted the fastest lap-times respectively.

Vettel’s strong second place despite having tyre management and traffic problems leaves him in a very good position; his performance an indicator of a potential title challenge. Lewis Hamilton, after starting well, managed to finish in 4th, a positive development for the controversial McLaren team, due for a hearing in Paris next week over the “liargate scandal”. Ferrari finally scored their first points of the season with Raikonnen’s sixth place ahead of Glock and behind three stopping Barichello, with Massa having a terrible race and finishing 14th, not helped by a forced pit-stop and problems with KERS. Alonso finished in the last points scoring position, his performance handicapped by a lack of pace in the Renault.

The difficulty of overtaking has raised questions over the effectiveness of the current Formula 1 regulations which were enforced to encourage closer racing.  While the new rules have definitely levelled the playing field, the Bahrain Grand Prix was an example of Brawn’s tactical knowledge. Even so, it seems obvious Brawn GP has the best car at this moment. The next Grand Prix in Barcelona promises to be very exciting, as many teams bring much needed car developments in order to close the gap to Brawn.


1. Jenson Button Brawn Mercedes 57 Laps 1:31:48.182
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Renault +7.1 seconds
3. Jarno Trulli Toyota + 9.1 seconds
4. Lewis Hamilton McLaren Mercedes + 22 seconds
5. Rubens Barichello Brawn Mercedes + 37.7 seconds
6. Kimi Raikonnen Ferrari + 42.0 seconds
7. Timo Glock Toyota + 42.8 seconds
8. Fernando Alonso Renault + 52.7 seconds

Championship Standings after Four Rounds:

1. Button 31 Points
2. Barichello 19 Points
3. Vettel 18 Points
4. Trulli 14.5 Points
5. Glock 12 Points
6. Weber 9.5 Points

by Sketch

  1. hahahah sketch!

  2. Congrats blogger!!!
    Are there an plans for Schumacher to make a come back?

  3. No. It is a shame though, it seems the golden era of Formula 1 where drivers stood out against the field seemed to have disappeared. No more Senna’s, Schumacher’s, Clark’s, Fangio’s (and others) as of yet.

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