‘Red Bulls’ Conquer Shanghai GP

In Sports on April 21, 2009 at 13:20

MOTOR-RACING-PRIX/In another race involving heavy rain, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull overcame the difficulties of the track and won the race in convincing fashion from pole. The fact that his team-mate Mark Webber finished second capped off an amazing weekend for the Red Bull team, who celebrated their first victory.

The Brawn GP team, dominant over the first two races, finished in third and fourth with Jenson Button heading home Rubens Barichello. They cited a lack of pace in the rain compared to the Red Bulls.

Yet again Ferrari failed to score, although the fact that Felipe Massa was running third when electrical problems forced him to retire is an encouraging sign. Raikonnen, on the other hand was nowhere and finished a far behind tenth. Following the Brawns were the McLarens of Heikki Kovalainen, who drove a strong race, followed by Hamilton who had many adventures before finishing in 6th. He blamed his relatively poor performance in the rain to the lack of downforce on the new cars. Glock had a strong performance in the Toyota finishing seventh ahead of rookie Sebastian Buemi, scoring another point for the Red Bull sister team Scuderia Torro Rosso.

The nature of the Shanghai Grand Prix further confused the results, in what is leading up to be a very unpredictable Formula 1 Grand Prix World Championship. At least the next Grand Prix, on Sunday in Bahrain promises to be a dry affair, which should make the results attributed to performance and not luck. That is not to say that Vettel, considered by many to be one of the most talented drivers on the grid, did not deserve his win, leading an excellent race and fully deserving his victory. McLaren and Ferrari especially, will be looking to close the gap towards the Brawns, before they risk losing the championship fight at an early stage. They both vow to fight on.


1. Sebastian Vettel RedBull Renault 1:57:43.385
2. Mark Webber RedBull Renault + 10.9 seconds
3. Jenson Button Brawn Mercedes +44.9 seconds
4. Rubens Barichello Brawn Mercedes +63.7 seconds
5. Heikki Kovalainen McLaren Mercedes +65.1 seconds
6. Lewis Hamilton McLaren Mercedes +71.8 seconds
7. Timo Glock Toyota + 74.4 seconds
8. Sebastian Buemi STR Ferrari +76.4 seconds

Championship Standings after Three Rounds:

1. Jenson Button 21 Points
2. Rubens Barichello 15 Points
3. Sebastian Vettel 10 Points
4. Timo Glock 10 Points
5. Mark Webber 9.5 Points
6. Jarno Trulli 8.5 Points

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