Button Wins Again in Rainy Malaysia

In Sports on April 6, 2009 at 10:23

jenson-button-rainJenson Button made it two wins out of two in a Malaysian Grand Prix that was cut short due to severe rain. After a poor start from pole which gave the initial lead to Rosberg of Williams followed by Trulli of Toyota, the worsening weather over the course of the race and resulting confusion over strategy allowed Button to regain the lead and keep it until the race was stopped.

While Button’s victory may be considered an easy one due to the unpredictable nature of the race, it is a fact that Brawn GP has started the season better than anyone else and are currently in the best position.

The Ferraris yet again failed to score, but the fact that only half points were given and the fact that Hamilton walked away with 1 point after scoring none in Australia will soften the blow. While Button leads the championship after two races, it is still very early days in a 17 race championship, and one that looks set to be an unpredictable and exciting one over the coming months.

It is without doubt that the rivals to Button and Brawn GP will be working hard to close the gap, starting with the Shanghai Grand Prix on the 19th of April.


1. Jenson Button Brawn Mercedes  55:30.622 (5 points)
2. Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber + 22.7 seconds (4 points)
3. Timo Glock Toyota +23.5 seconds (3 points)
4. Jarno Trulli Toyota + 46.1 seconds (2.5 points)
5. Rubens Barichello Brawn Mercedes + 47.3 seconds (2 points)
6. Mark Webber RBR Renault + 52.3 seconds (1.5 points)
7. Lewis Hamilton McLaren Mercedes + 60.7 seconds (1 point)
8. Nico Rosberg Williams Toyota + 71.6 seconds (0.5 points)

Championship After Two Rounds:

1. Jenson Button (15 Points)
2. Rubens Barichello (10 Points)
3. Jarno Trulli (8.5 points)
4. Timo Glock (8 Points)
5. Nick Heidfeld (4 Points)

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