The World’s Most Affordable Car

In Misc on March 26, 2009 at 02:31

tata_nano_14Tata Nano is the world’s most affordable car in the market. With the (hilarious!) price of 2,000$ – same price as a DVD player in a Lexus -, the Nano has an astronomical engine of 32 hp, a tank of 624 cc (smaller tank than most of Smarts), a 2-cylinder engine placed at the rear of the vehicle and a 0-50 miles acceleration of (16.4 sec) – same time you need to get out of this car if you don’t get stuck in there at first place. The main body of the car is steel while the bumpers are plastic. Moreover, the Nano weighs only 1,322 pounds and its has space for four passengers. I’ m not sure about the long-run success if this car as with $2,000, one can buy a much safer second or third-hand car. Take a peek at this technological masterpiece..

  1. say what you want about the long term success of the nano but it has the potential to dominate the indian market which would lead to further growth in the chinese market and subsequently the world. in fact there is a nano europe version which is slightly more expensive at £4000 which will have airbags, air conditioning, radio, and power steering scheduled for release in 2010.

    finally your comments on safety are short sighted, you must think of the indian market, how many indians can afford to sell their more expensive cars when in india like in mexico when a cars official seating capacity is 5 its actual use is more than double.

    tata should be praised for providing affordable cars which will encourage the millions of indians who use motorcycles to trade up to the relative safety of a car.

    • Valid most of your arguments Dunesh but the surplus enthusiasm and the economic concurrence (i.e. cheap car amidst economic crisis) would not guarantee the success of the car. Secondly I was referring to the global market. May be in India sales do better as second-hand cars market there is not a attractive as in Europe and the US. Thirdly, no matter what producers say about its safety, a car that weighs only 1300 pounds is very likely to be completely hammered in a face to face collision. Finally, I am not sure Indians use motorcycles primarily to save money; most of them want to avoid traffic. I hope I am proven wrong! Safety first and then the rest cause you can’t put a price in people’s lives.

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