Champions League: London Calling….?!

In Sports on March 25, 2009 at 00:10

Well, everyone has pretty much his own say on who is going to win the Champions League trophy this year in Rome but in my opinion this is one of the most fragile quarter-finals in the last years and Let me explain to you why. Couple of months ago, the majority of fans where betting that Man Utd was the favorite for the title as was Barcelona too, and I was one of them. Nonetheless, latest performances from Man Utd have been far from confident as the team seems to be undergoing some sort of a delayed mid-season fatigue. The worst thing for the them is that they managed to turn the Premiership race into an actual horse race which means there is no room for error and hence no time to rest. No one should forget Man Utd’s FA cup responsibilities which will exert extra pressure on Sir Alex and the team. Barcelona FC, on the other hand, looks to be on a more stable path and with the return of Iniesta, the team has finally found its pace and imagination back again. My concern about Barcelona is that Bayern Munchen is a team, in my opinion, which can score five goals in a game but also concede the same amount of goals in another one (vs. Werder Wremen in Allianz Arena). I am just saying that there is some fragility chelsea-arsenal1in this Barca-Bayern duo. That is why, my two primary choices for succeeding on the CL cup are Arsenal and the Blues. Arsenal has been through a lot this season. Another season of mediocrity is coming to an end and CL along with the FA cup are the only way that can save them from a ‘gray zone’ once again. Same for Chelsea who threw its Premiership voucher away last weekend against Tottenham. The Blues want to forget last year’s final in Moscow and what a better way to do that than winning it the next year. My verdict is that, this year, the favorites are the outsiders!


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